Sport Jet

Balsa pleewood KIT – SPORT JET ( STRYKER)

wing span                    2.4 m

Lenght                          2.8 m

Weight ( empty)         14000 g

Recommended  power system    turbine 14 kg trust





Balsa pleewood KIT – SPORT JET

wing span                   2.4 m

Lenght                         2.8 m

Weight ( empty)        14000 g

Recommended  power system                    turbine 14 kg trust

The KIT contains laser cutted plywood parts,  balsa laser cutted covering parts, wing, ruder and stabilisator carbon tubes, composit cowl, composit air intake, composit nose, manual, assembly plans 1:1

Retract not includet in the KIT ( rekomendet ELEKTRON EVO 50 or EVO 40)


Additional information

Weight 11 kg


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